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A Southern girl with a sky-lit draw.

With the birds I share this lonely view...

Kailee Elizabeth-Hope♥
23 August
The Princess
Hi, I'm Kailee. I'm 14 and a high school freshman just waiting to graduate and never come back to that horribleh hell-hole called school. I live in Tennessee. Don't ask me if I'm a city girl or country girl, 'cause I'm both. I'm not sure which college I want to go to but I know I want to go to school in Southern California. Acting, singing, and dancing are what I'm usually doing, but I especially love acting. It's the career I'm following. I've been singing since forever and there's rarely a time when I'm not. I do jazz, ballet, and tap when it comes to dance, it's really fun. Besides that I like playing guitar, photography, sketching/painting, and writing. I'm into things most girls my age usually aren't... but that's okay. My obsessions include Disney, Alice in Wonderland, Hello Kitty, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, John Lennon, and Johnny Depp. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I am a rabid Alice/Hatter fangirl. I will work at Disneyland! Plus I'm Alice height. ;) Ohhhh yeah. I'm pretty much a girly girl- I love dresses, romance, and things of that nature. :)

Laughing until your stomach hurts, sundresses, Dollywood, DISNEY!, Alice in Wonderland, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, swimming, danceee, summertime, football, make-up, cute things?, NOT Twilight, Jimi Hendrix, ACTINGACTINGACTING, Alice/Hatter<3, Edward Scissorhands, Graphic making, writing, Third Eye Blind, holding hands, time when I'm NOT at school, little kids, Disney Couture, Britney Spears, British accents, Shakespear, Peter Pan<3, folklore, tattoos, bein' from the South, Michael Jackson, The Wizard of Oz, Coca-Cola (it's better than Pepsi), daydreaming, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Victoria's Secret, Lady GaGa, Shiny Toy Guns, odd people, being nice for no reason, the French language and culture, the 90's, That 70's Show, the Eagles, old music in general, Juicy Couture, Cracker Barrell (yummmm!), Tweety Bird, Scooby-Doo, shopping, Tim Burton, the "paranormal" :)
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abercrombie, acting, aerie, aladdin, alice in wonderland, american eagle, anything artistic, ballet, beauty and the beast, being on stage, bikinis, blink-182, britney spears, broadway, camping, christmas, cinderella, classic rock music, converse, cookies, country music, curious by britney spears, cute dresses, cute undies, dancing, dave matthews band, demi lovato, did i mention acting?, diet mountain dew, dirty dancing, dirty jokes, disney store, disney world, disneyland, dollywood, drawing, elton john, elvis presley, enchanted, family, family force 5, food, forever the sickest kids, frank sinatra, friends, goo goo dolls, good grades, green day, guitar, halloween, hello kitty, hippies, holding hands, hollister, hot topic, hugs, i love ballet, i'm gonna be famous, inside jokes, janis joplin, jazz, jefferson airplane, jesus, john lennon, jonas brothers, judy garland, lady and the tramp, laughing, love, maroon 5, mean girls, mermaids, miley cyrus, musical theatre, musicals, new york city, nick jonas, nightmare before christmas, omg for reals, owl city, pacsun, paramore, paul mccartney, peter pan, pianos, pop music, princesses, relient k, rod stewart, saltine crackers, santa clause!, scary movies, scary stories, short shorts, singing, skinny jeans, skirts, snow white, streetlights, summer, swimming, tap, taylor swift, thanksgiving, the beatles, the doors, the eagles, the holidays, the killers, the little mermaid, the mad hatter, the nutcracker ballet, theatre, third eye blind, through the looking glass, true love's kiss, tutus, ucla, victoria's secret, water color painting, wicked, willy wonka, wizard of oz, woodstock